Thursday, July 1, 2010

Searching for Truth

Many religious orders are based on the search for TRUTH.

I’ve found knowledge to be truth without love for God.

A great spiritual master, Rebazar Tarzs said…”Knowledge without love for God is futile and tends toward darkness. Love turns everything to God, and even overcomes death.”

Searching for truth for many lifetimes, I find that truth is more about exploration and discovery than searching. There is an old saying…by seeking truth we can never find it.

Truth exists as each of us and that truth that exists as us is absolute. Everything is composed of what we make of it. If we don’t like our world, we can change it.

Everything that exists, does so in our viewpoint. Our observation captures the moment. All is relative. When we become aware, we accept truth in the moment. When we judge truth, we change it to something less.

Our perception of truth is God’s love made manifest in us. We exist because God loves us. By allowing God’s love to flow freely through us without opinion or judgment, we’re accepting truth. By accepting truth we become one with it.

There are times when everything seems to stand still. Some say these mark rest points in eternity.  I call these the floating foundations of the Far Country. By the focus of our attention we create. All that exists, exists in the moment, for in each moment exists eternity.

When we allow truth, it is that moment. By allowing truth we accept ALL that truth is.

All experiences are real.

All our answers are in our questions.

To know truth in any moment, listen with your heart.

If you want to know your dreams…keep a log…review it regularly.

May the blessings be.