Thursday, July 1, 2010

Searching for Truth

Many religious orders are based on the search for TRUTH.

I’ve found knowledge to be truth without love for God.

A great spiritual master, Rebazar Tarzs said…”Knowledge without love for God is futile and tends toward darkness. Love turns everything to God, and even overcomes death.”

Searching for truth for many lifetimes, I find that truth is more about exploration and discovery than searching. There is an old saying…by seeking truth we can never find it.

Truth exists as each of us and that truth that exists as us is absolute. Everything is composed of what we make of it. If we don’t like our world, we can change it.

Everything that exists, does so in our viewpoint. Our observation captures the moment. All is relative. When we become aware, we accept truth in the moment. When we judge truth, we change it to something less.

Our perception of truth is God’s love made manifest in us. We exist because God loves us. By allowing God’s love to flow freely through us without opinion or judgment, we’re accepting truth. By accepting truth we become one with it.

There are times when everything seems to stand still. Some say these mark rest points in eternity.  I call these the floating foundations of the Far Country. By the focus of our attention we create. All that exists, exists in the moment, for in each moment exists eternity.

When we allow truth, it is that moment. By allowing truth we accept ALL that truth is.

All experiences are real.

All our answers are in our questions.

To know truth in any moment, listen with your heart.

If you want to know your dreams…keep a log…review it regularly.

May the blessings be.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wake-Up Calls

My problem was, I wasn’t listening when God called the first time. Truth is, I’m not listening way too much of the time. I’m so involved doing whatever it is I’m doing to remember to listen when God calls. If you’re like me, the only time I’m absolutely sure to be listening is when I’ve got one of those life changing events going on.

Sooner or later we all get one of those spiritual wake-up calls. What do we do with it? Do we even recognize it as our chance to change things…to make something of ourselves or to avoid making a big mistake? All too often we keep on doing whatever it is we think we’re doing without bothering to listen. By that I mean, we do what we think we have to do to keep from changing too much from our original tack. It’s our life, right? God won’t interfere with free will. What we do with ourselves is our business. Change can be really scary.

As it turns out – God really doesn’t give much of hoot one way or another what we do or when we do it, especially if we’re not interfering in somebody else’s space. Sooner or later, we’ll all come around. It’s only a matter of time – or rather, pain. As it turns out, pain is God’s great “fixer”. It’s how we learn best. The way I see it, we’re all here to learn and that’s why God created pain. God knows how much pain hurts us. So why pain, if it weren’t the best way for us to fix ourselves?

Free will and pain go hand-in-hand. Sooner or later after lots of lifetimes we finally start putting it together. You don’t have to beat us over the head…well, maybe so. In truth, most of us have to take a real licking before we listen up. Worse yet, when we finally do listen and learn, we have a nasty habit of back sliding again and again and again. If we learned from our mistakes the first time, that would take a miracle. But no, usually we have to learn, then make the same mistake again and learn again. We keep making the same mistakes so often we get calluses on our calluses. Some of us make the same mistake so often we make an absolute spectacle of ourselves. But that’s another story. God knows we need an infinite amount of patience to listen and learn for good. Imagine how much patience it takes for God to put up with us.

Patience you see is one of the next big things God is trying to help us understand about ourselves. We need to exercise patience in ourselves and in other people as well as all other life forms (Souls) throughout all of God’s creation. Along with patience comes tolerance and compassion. More on this later.

Our capacity to feel and express unconditional love is constantly expanding in all of us. As our capacity to give and accept love expands, so does the macrocosm. It’s always expanding. When God created that spark that is life, it caused the macrocosm to start expanding. It’s been expanding ever since and will continue expanding infinitely into infinity.

Soul exists because God loves it. So as Soul grows in its capacity to love, so grows the worlds of God. It’s a never ending story. Sure there are peaks and valleys. All things down here in the worlds of creation are pro tempore. They’re periodically destroyed and recreated. But out there…or more correctly…in here, in the pure worlds of God, things don’t exist, like our minds. Our minds are simply another creation in the worlds of matter. Placing our attention outside (or inside) the worlds of matter and in the pure worlds of God, our consciousness is not impeded by limitations. We are free to move about, loving, caring and experiencing all things real and each other as SOUL…as PURE FREE SPIRIT.

To quote a great spiritual master and compassionate healer, Kata Daki: “I gave my heart to God long ago and I haven’t taken it back.”

Don Bollinger

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Viewpoint & Soul Traveling

Most folks pay little if any attention to their viewpoints about things. It’s more common to believe that our viewpoints are created by the words or actions of others rather than our viewpoints being at the root of cause.

We are each our own architect. We are for whom the bell tolls. By attaching blame, we play a game of flim flam with ourselves…a cruel, ageless and pitifully painful process that must be continuously overcome if we are to extract ourselves from the eternal turning of the wheel.

To change our viewpoint, it would be well to understand more of its meaning.

Our viewpoints can expound to all those around us, our family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances, who and what we are. Our viewpoints can direct our thoughts, our words and our actions. To the skillful controller, our viewpoints can be turned against us. They can be used to encourage us to think, say or act in a certain manner supportive of or in opposition to an opponent’s position.

Many believe their “views” say a lot about them. I say, having views about things, says a lot about them. The stronger their views, the more it says.

Having a viewpoint is similar to taking a snapshot. We take a picture of ourselves, another person or a thing or of a set of circumstances as we perceive them. It’s not unlike pulling over at a mountain road lookout and stopping to take a look at what’s beyond. We evaluate who, what and where we are by perceiving what surrounds us. This gives us perspective, some measure of where we’ve been and where we might go. Most of all, it affords us some perception of where we are on our path through life.

Perception is a variation of viewpoint. By changing our perception, our viewpoint changes with it. An open perception accommodates an uncluttered or clearer viewpoint. Messages move like emails with few or no attachments.

Most must perceive something before being able to form a viewpoint about it. To form a viewpoint about something which we cannot perceive tends to baffle the mind.

And so it is with Soul Travel. We can look out and beyond, but without perception, we can usually form very little understanding of it. Soul Travel, like our dreams, means little until we can establish ourselves there consciously. Learning to become aware of ourselves in our dreams can help us learn to Soul Travel. By becoming more conscious of consciousness, we can know ourselves better in our dreams and in our Soul Travels.

If you would like a snapshot of who and what you are…look to your viewpoints.

Caution should be exercised as constantly measuring and analyzing ourselves as some do, can be extremely counterproductive. Insightfulness is one thing but studying ourselves and constantly challenging our shortcomings in attempts toward improving who and what we are, is quite another.

We’re all here as indispensible and entirely unique aspects of our creator. What we have to offer each other and to God is wholly our own and unique throughout all the worlds of God or the entire macrocosm. Our essence is without measure, an unconditional spark of the infinite and all mighty.

We can learn who and what we are, by direct experience, traveling throughout the ethers and beyond. By direct first hand experience we know, not just imagine. Still, imagination is a great starting point. But first, we must choose. We must choose to know and choose to go. We can choose by taking that first step…then another…and another. Eventually we become fluid in all the worlds of God.

The biggest hurdle for many is fear. Like it or not, most of us fear the unknown. Indeed, to all but a few, the unknown is synonymous with fear. Is it any wonder we are so shy of change? When we embrace change, when we accept it as inevitable and an affirmative outcome of all our decisions, our very spirit changes and we begin the process of acceptance becoming one with ourselves.


Thursday, July 23, 2009


The subject of responsibility came up recently in an email communiqué with an old soul mate. You know, one of those long time partners of life’s adventures that spans epochs of existence. Soul is ageless, beyond the reach of mind and memory – corporeal memory that is. Soul has its own unique form of remembrance. Mostly unaffected by time except through association with other life forms, Soul is free to create, to be. Sometimes we forget that. Just like we occasionally forget who we are and what we’re doing here.

My old friend’s words conjured up recollections of a lifetime long past where we shared a mutual respect for each other in another form. We watched each other’s backs in an age of greater necessity. Our mutual respect and responsibility for one another helped pull us both through on more than one difficult occasion. To quote my friend, “someone you’d choose to help you get down the river.”

Life’s adventures with a clear unfettered mind and an open heart fluently translate challenges into excitement and can fashion wholesale seasons of fun. It makes mundane magical and freeform. Everything comes more effortlessly as life evolves in meaningful expressions.

Becoming the best at who you are takes hard work, diligent thorough attentive and honest puissance, ever mindful of your goal – improving each day in every way. If you truly seek that which you love, you’ll feel no real toil in what you do. Every effort is from the heart. There’s exquisite artistry for all to see in all you do.

Don Bollinger

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The World Is Full of Victims

For years I wandered around drinking myself silly and feeling sorry for poor little ole me.

The world is full of victims. What we are is what we choose to be. We're our own architect. We're the sum total of our every thought, our every word, our every action, every moment we been alive.

Life has lots of followers and a few good leaders but precious few truly superlative teachers.

We’re all here to help each other. Like it or not, we’re all students and teachers. We’re here for one another as much as for ourselves.

Learning to accept others is part of the plan. We can fight it or we can allow it. It’s up to us…everything is.

At the end of the day the sun sets. But it will rise again and so will we.

We have a choice. We can choose to learn and rise above…or not.

Only time separates our knowledge of who and what we are. As time unfolds, so do we…wiser and more aware of who and what we really are.

On thing rises (exists) above all else. It’s what all life seeks in all its different ways. When everything is spent…when all is tried and failed…when we finally give up, give in and allow...there is love…waiting for us. It’s been there all the time, patient and caring, expecting us at any moment to accept who we really are. It will happen. It’s only a matter of time. Love can wait us out.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Act of Kindness

Among my many treasured friends are some from counties often called “under developed”. Still, the love I sense from many of them cannot be described as anything less than highly spiritually evolved.

I find it intriguing how advanced we sometimes see ourselves in our so-called “highly developed” or “technologically advanced” parts of the world, when there are so many “under developed” or “less civilized” cultures where it is considered a very serious infraction or breech of behavior to know about something good or be aware that something exists that could potentially benefit something or some one and NOT tell them about it or make them aware of it somehow.

It’s easy these days to get caught up in the act of self preservation. When times are tough, everything in life seems more difficult. All the things we think we need for survival run low or suddenly seem in short supply. We hold on firmly to “THINGS”, not sure why. Yet in many countries where self-preservation is always day-to-day, serving and protecting abounds.

To the anxious mind, the plate is full. The more we focus, the more it grows. Only fear may be gathered from the anxious mind. Nothing can be added to a plate that’s full, it simply falls away.

Many of us focus on ourselves, less and less on others…even to those closest. It’s not that we no longer care…of course we do. We just have a whole lot on our minds. It’s so much easier to give when we have more, than when we have less.

There is an old saying: “Those that share without thinking, receive without asking.”

Planning = Planning
Beginning = Beginning
Thinking About Doing = Thinking About Doing
Doing = Doing
For me, as always = It is what it is


Monday, May 18, 2009


There is an old saying: “As above, so below”

Everything has a reason – everything.

Everything is in balance. Nothing is where it is not suppose to be.

Every disease has a cure, every right, a wrong.

For every thing, there is an equal and opposite, including thoughts, words and actions…everything.

Without opposites for comparison, we have difficulty understanding limits or defining things. Without limits, most of us are like loose cannons, a danger to ourselves and others.

When we wander outside the realm of balance, we look at things as if they are wrong or don’t belong.

When we form an opinion for or against a thing or someone, we create a bond with it, attached to the discovery of the truth of it.

Time and space separates all things. Without (beyond) time and space there are no limits. The mind exists within time and space. The mind has great difficulty grasping existence outside of time and space. The mind naturally assumes there can be no existence outside the realm of time and space.

The answer is always in surrender. To become one with yourself is to let go and allow. Once you are free from the grip of holding on, you realize the perfection of the moment. The answer always exists in the problem. The beginning and ending co-exist with only the illusion of time separating them.

To find the truth of yourself, you need only look at yourself with the eyes of a child.