Friday, February 27, 2009

A Child of God Living on the Razor's Edge

More than ever now, I truly feel like a child of God living on the Razor’s Edge.

With all the economic woes going around these days, it boosts my spirits to see the compassion arising from the ever expanding hearts of so many. We’re all children of God – each and every creature. We need only look into the eyes of another living thing to see God staring back at us. Recognizing the loving spirit there that sustains us and all life everywhere, grips the humble heart at once with honest empathy.

The troubles of countless souls, just like me, created out of greed, ignorance and neglect, have come to collect in part or in full. The spiritual cleansing taking place these days is like a giant wind, refreshing and purifying the stale air we’ve all collected here. Still, what pains the heart ultimately encourages compassion, sensitivity and kindness.

Now each moment swells with loving gestures, blossoming souls fill the brave new air with welcome and engaging indulgence. It’s with a truly grateful heart that I surrender to the will of spirit allowing it to carry me where I need to be. I for one am happy in the moment living on the razor’s edge.

Don Bollinger

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So, What Is Truth?

The truth is not simple, nor is it complicated.

The truth isn’t ugly or beautiful.

The truth is neither good nor bad.

It isn’t hard or easy.

The truth is not profound or weighty,
but neither is it superfluous or unnecessary

The Truth just is.

The Truth is what WE perceive it is.

The Truth is what EACH OF US perceives it to be

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The truth only seems one way or another because of perception.

When we change our perception we change our viewpoint.

Truth doesn’t change.

Truth never changes -- we do.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I’ve been remiss adding to my blog of late. Attitudes and activities have drawn my attentions elsewhere.

Wow! So much has happened in the past 9 months. Just when you think things can’t get worse – Voila!

So much has been said about tough times making you stronger…and so it is. If we learn just one important thing from periods like these, are they not worth it? We’re in this together. It’s pointless pointing to the obvious and in particular assigning blame. Some are suffering more than others, but most have taken a gut shot of one sort or another.

We can all learn from helping each other. Every time someone provides a service or helps someone else, all of us are helped somehow. No matter our relationship with our fellow beings, we need only look to find love. The act of seeking with an open heart raises our consciousness to accept the love that’s there. All life exists on love…it’s always there. Accepting is the first step to raising ones consciousness. It is said that one’s level of awareness can be measured by ones level of acceptance.