Thursday, July 23, 2009


The subject of responsibility came up recently in an email communiqué with an old soul mate. You know, one of those long time partners of life’s adventures that spans epochs of existence. Soul is ageless, beyond the reach of mind and memory – corporeal memory that is. Soul has its own unique form of remembrance. Mostly unaffected by time except through association with other life forms, Soul is free to create, to be. Sometimes we forget that. Just like we occasionally forget who we are and what we’re doing here.

My old friend’s words conjured up recollections of a lifetime long past where we shared a mutual respect for each other in another form. We watched each other’s backs in an age of greater necessity. Our mutual respect and responsibility for one another helped pull us both through on more than one difficult occasion. To quote my friend, “someone you’d choose to help you get down the river.”

Life’s adventures with a clear unfettered mind and an open heart fluently translate challenges into excitement and can fashion wholesale seasons of fun. It makes mundane magical and freeform. Everything comes more effortlessly as life evolves in meaningful expressions.

Becoming the best at who you are takes hard work, diligent thorough attentive and honest puissance, ever mindful of your goal – improving each day in every way. If you truly seek that which you love, you’ll feel no real toil in what you do. Every effort is from the heart. There’s exquisite artistry for all to see in all you do.

Don Bollinger

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