Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Viewpoint & Soul Traveling

Most folks pay little if any attention to their viewpoints about things. It’s more common to believe that our viewpoints are created by the words or actions of others rather than our viewpoints being at the root of cause.

We are each our own architect. We are for whom the bell tolls. By attaching blame, we play a game of flim flam with ourselves…a cruel, ageless and pitifully painful process that must be continuously overcome if we are to extract ourselves from the eternal turning of the wheel.

To change our viewpoint, it would be well to understand more of its meaning.

Our viewpoints can expound to all those around us, our family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances, who and what we are. Our viewpoints can direct our thoughts, our words and our actions. To the skillful controller, our viewpoints can be turned against us. They can be used to encourage us to think, say or act in a certain manner supportive of or in opposition to an opponent’s position.

Many believe their “views” say a lot about them. I say, having views about things, says a lot about them. The stronger their views, the more it says.

Having a viewpoint is similar to taking a snapshot. We take a picture of ourselves, another person or a thing or of a set of circumstances as we perceive them. It’s not unlike pulling over at a mountain road lookout and stopping to take a look at what’s beyond. We evaluate who, what and where we are by perceiving what surrounds us. This gives us perspective, some measure of where we’ve been and where we might go. Most of all, it affords us some perception of where we are on our path through life.

Perception is a variation of viewpoint. By changing our perception, our viewpoint changes with it. An open perception accommodates an uncluttered or clearer viewpoint. Messages move like emails with few or no attachments.

Most must perceive something before being able to form a viewpoint about it. To form a viewpoint about something which we cannot perceive tends to baffle the mind.

And so it is with Soul Travel. We can look out and beyond, but without perception, we can usually form very little understanding of it. Soul Travel, like our dreams, means little until we can establish ourselves there consciously. Learning to become aware of ourselves in our dreams can help us learn to Soul Travel. By becoming more conscious of consciousness, we can know ourselves better in our dreams and in our Soul Travels.

If you would like a snapshot of who and what you are…look to your viewpoints.

Caution should be exercised as constantly measuring and analyzing ourselves as some do, can be extremely counterproductive. Insightfulness is one thing but studying ourselves and constantly challenging our shortcomings in attempts toward improving who and what we are, is quite another.

We’re all here as indispensible and entirely unique aspects of our creator. What we have to offer each other and to God is wholly our own and unique throughout all the worlds of God or the entire macrocosm. Our essence is without measure, an unconditional spark of the infinite and all mighty.

We can learn who and what we are, by direct experience, traveling throughout the ethers and beyond. By direct first hand experience we know, not just imagine. Still, imagination is a great starting point. But first, we must choose. We must choose to know and choose to go. We can choose by taking that first step…then another…and another. Eventually we become fluid in all the worlds of God.

The biggest hurdle for many is fear. Like it or not, most of us fear the unknown. Indeed, to all but a few, the unknown is synonymous with fear. Is it any wonder we are so shy of change? When we embrace change, when we accept it as inevitable and an affirmative outcome of all our decisions, our very spirit changes and we begin the process of acceptance becoming one with ourselves.


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