Monday, May 18, 2009


There is an old saying: “As above, so below”

Everything has a reason – everything.

Everything is in balance. Nothing is where it is not suppose to be.

Every disease has a cure, every right, a wrong.

For every thing, there is an equal and opposite, including thoughts, words and actions…everything.

Without opposites for comparison, we have difficulty understanding limits or defining things. Without limits, most of us are like loose cannons, a danger to ourselves and others.

When we wander outside the realm of balance, we look at things as if they are wrong or don’t belong.

When we form an opinion for or against a thing or someone, we create a bond with it, attached to the discovery of the truth of it.

Time and space separates all things. Without (beyond) time and space there are no limits. The mind exists within time and space. The mind has great difficulty grasping existence outside of time and space. The mind naturally assumes there can be no existence outside the realm of time and space.

The answer is always in surrender. To become one with yourself is to let go and allow. Once you are free from the grip of holding on, you realize the perfection of the moment. The answer always exists in the problem. The beginning and ending co-exist with only the illusion of time separating them.

To find the truth of yourself, you need only look at yourself with the eyes of a child.

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